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A full-service marketing partner for small and early-stage businesses.

Through working with clients, and on my own businesses, it's become apparent to me that small businesses often take a scattered approach to marketing. They pursue one-off tasks such as a new website, in the hope that it will transform their business.

However, effective marketing requires a multi-dimensional approach which is both consistent and iterative. This can be difficult for small businesses to achieve when working with various providers and a limited budget.

That's why I've developed a unique approach to marketing small businesses. It focuses on taking a holistic and iterative approach from the outset. Focusing on ROI, and what is necessary and feasible for the business at that point in time.

“From the initial consultation to the final implementation, it was clear that Finn was dedicated to providing the best possible service and solution.”

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Lee Wilkes

Director, Teaching 4 Business



We help put small businesses on the right track, by crafting a professional brand that is appropriate, distictive and simple.


We design and develop websites that are not only sleek and attractive, but focused on converting visitors into customers.

Search Marketing

Google Ads, SEO, and Local Search are all part of our search marketing strategy to help small businesses get found online.

Social Media

Online, content is king. We help small businesses create and distribute content that is authentic, valuable and engaging.

Email Marketing

We help small businesses to build marketing campaigns for prospective and existing customers.

IT Support

Every business needs reliable IT infrastructure to operate effectively. We help businesses get the appropriate systems in place.