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My Approach

This is a working document that outlines the problem I'm working to tackle, and by what means.

Marketing requires many elements to make it effective. That's a valuable lesson I’ve learned whilst promoting my own businesses, as well as my clients. It's not just about having a standout product or a sleek website. The true challenge lies in orchestrating various elements—branding, content, outreach, social media presence, and more—to work in harmony. This realisation is at the core of what I've set out to achieve, building a marketing studio that dares to rethink the traditional marketing for small businesses.

This all started with a simple observation: many businesses struggle with marketing, especially those in their infancy or those looking to grow via online channels for the first time. They might pour their resources into developing a fantastic product or crafting a beautiful website, only to falter when it comes to generating traffic and converting interest into sales. The problem often lies not with their offerings or even their message, but with a scattered approach to marketing.

My mission is to provide a full-service marketing solution that is not only comprehensive but also budget-appropriate and effective from the outset. I believe in the power of synergy, where each marketing component, no matter how small, contributes to a larger, cohesive strategy aimed at driving growth and revenue.

For early-stage and revenue-funded businesses, the challenge is always about making the most of limited resources. It's about strategic investment in marketing services that offer the best returns. This philosophy shapes my approach. I focus on establishing long-term partnerships, guiding my clients through a tailored marketing journey that evolves with their business. From the initial brand and website to sophisticated content and outreach strategies, I'm committed to building a foundation that captures and retains customer interest.

My process is iterative, grounded in regular discovery and adaptation. I recognise that early-stage businesses are constantly evolving. And therefore their brand or website should not a static asset; but an adaptable asset that evolves alongside the business. This flexibility extends to my content and social media strategies, as I seek to grow audiences in an authentic and sustainable manner.

But what does this approach look like in practice? It begins with identifying the target market and crafting a compelling message. For a new business, this might translate into an MVP brand and website, initial social media setup, and a mix of cold outreach and content creation. The goal is to start generating interest and leads with minimal upfront investment, gradually scaling up efforts based on initial successes.

MVP – An MVP or Minimum Viable Product is an early version of a product, with just enough features to be used by early customers. The intention is to move quickly, capturing feedback and iterating in response.
This is typically used for tech products, but I believe the same ethos can be applied to lots of business assets, such as branding, websites and content.

Cold outreach, particularly through targetted emails and phone calls, can kickstart revenue generation. Meanwhile, high-quality content serves dual purposes: attracting organic attention and providing value to prospective customers conducting their research. All these efforts are supported by a streamlined CRM system, capturing leads and nurturing them towards conversion with targeted campaigns.

I understand that the beginning is always the hardest. That's why I advocate for starting small, with manageable goals and scalable tactics. Whether it's producing a couple of long-form content pieces each month or setting up a basic lead nurturing sequence, the emphasis is on building momentum. As results begin to show, I'm ready to help my clients expand their efforts, from enhancing their website to exploring paid advertising and beyond.

Pricing my services on a monthly retainer allows me to work closely with a select number of businesses, ensuring that I can dedicate the attention and resources needed to make a real impact. I believe this model will appeal to seasoned entrepreneurs who recognise the value of a comprehensive, nuanced approach to marketing—one that they might be able to implement themselves but would prefer to entrust to an external partner who can manage it all.

I position myself as a partner committed to growing alongside my clients. Through a combination of deep discovery, design, content, and a thorough understanding of the digital tools at our disposal, we aim to achieve something truly special.

Reflecting on my own venture, Autosem, I see a similar path unfolding. By applying these principles—identifying the right target market, fine-tuning the message, and gradually building out our marketing toolkit—we can set the stage for sustainable growth. Starting with essential elements like content creation, CRM setup, and referral promotion, we lay the groundwork for more ambitious marketing endeavours down the line.

In essence, my approach represents the culmination of lessons I’ve learned working with a variety of early stage businesses. It's about recognising the complexity of marketing and responding with a service that's effective. Looking ahead, my focus remains on delivering value, driving growth, and helping my clients navigate the evolving marketing landscape.

First published on 16th March 2024.


Finn Elliott

Founder, Mistrata

Finn leverages his extensive experience in web design, development, and AI to create innovative marketing solutions for early-stage and online businesses. His passion for blending technology and creativity drives Mistrata's mission to offer comprehensive, affordable and effective marketing.